For a bit of fun why not try one of our jigsaws based on an image from our collection.

Open the jigsaw by clicking on the picture you want.

You can then alter the number of pieces using the centre box, left hand option, to display the image click on the right-hand icon on the box on top line. Enjoy

We have made this months a little more difficult at 252 pieces but you can alter this easily, download the jigsaw and start.



Kitts End Farm, Mr Chalk c1937 photo by F. Cole


Little Heath Lodge,
Bentley Heath in 1968 the house was the Drum nad Monkey Pub
Bentley Heath in the 1960s by Ron Kingdom
Darkes Lane c2000 J. Donovan
St. Giles South Mimms from a Postcard
Star House Mutton Lane c2000 J Donovan
Jubilee Street party Elmscroft Gardens June 2022
Afternoon Tea 1930s style the ladies don’t look happy!
Engraving of Wrotham Park c1800s
A 1971 misty morning near Bentley Heath, taken by Alec Watts
Wyllylotts Manor house as PBUDC offices c1960s
Field fire behind Mountgrace Road 1930s