Notes to St. Johns the Baptist Potters Bar burial records
The information is based on research on the headstone inscriptions carried out by Mrs Betty Frost and was first published by the PB&DHS in the Historical Series Number 1 in 1975.
It was revised in 1982 with corrections to errors in the text, at the same time the Society received a notebook from Mr R. T. Woods of the engineers dept. of the former Potters Bar Urban District council. With his revision he included burials without headstones and by checking the burial registers adding information not available to Mrs Frost. The publication is out of print (2022)

In our revisions we have consulted the actual burial records for St. Johns this has resulted in some name changes etc.  For the sake of simplicity these records do not include the inscriptions on the headstones, the entries will contain errors and omissions as sometimes Vicars handwriting was not always the best and in the transcription to a computer, typos and mistakes can occur.
If researching your family history, please note the burial records are not kept by the Potters Bar Museum or St. Marys church, they can be found in safe keeping in the archives of the Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies at Hertford (HALS). Family history web sites such as Ancestry or Find My Past well may be able to help.
The site of St. Johns is now the location of the Potters Bar War Memorial. The site was levelled in the late 1960s and the headstones were in the main placed around the inside of the perimeter wall of the old churchyard.
It is important to note that whilst the churchyard was closed in the 1890s burial continued until apparently the 1940s, these were probably in family plots or plots purchased prior to the closure
Mike Allen August 2022

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WWI War Memorial names

We have added the initial research on the WWI names, and these are available on the same link, if you can add anything please contact the webmaster